how i got chandler running on gentoo (Part 2)

Turns out my compile job didn’t fully run through. After some investigation, it turned out that the zope.interface.patch didn’t catch all the problems with the zope update. I’ve added an addendum to that patch that solves the problem in a very brute force way, but for getting chandler up and running asap it will do.

After that I’ve stumbled over chandlers InstallPlugin not finding a right source for the gdata plugin. I do use googles services, but my personal workflow largely depends on the imap integration of my gmail account so i kicked out the gdata plugin with the following patch.

--- chandler/Makefile.orig      2009-12-02 22:03:59.000000000 +0100
+++ chandler/Makefile   2009-12-02 22:04:23.000000000 +0100
@@ -21,8 +21,7 @@
                 Chandler-PhotoPlugin \
                 Chandler-FlickrPlugin \
                 Chandler-debugPlugin \
-                Chandler-p2pPlugin \
-                Chandler-gdataPlugin
+                Chandler-p2pPlugin 

                 fr \

After that emerge chandler ran through just fine. Some searching led me to the chandler binary that llives at /usr/lib/chandler/1.0.3/chandler. A quick try starting it dumped me to chandlers internal program error page with the following error.

  File "/usr/lib/chandler/1.0.3/release/lib/python2.5/site-packages/wx/", line 12553, in Add
    return _core_.Sizer_Add(*args, **kwargs)
TypeError: wx.Window, wx.Sizer, wx.Size, or (w,h) expected for item

Looks like I’m going to learn how to debug python to get past that, so stay tuned for part 3 of this series.


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