Townsville to Cairns

After having spent three absolutly relaxing days on Magnetic Island, i moved back to the mainland where i stayed two nights in transit centre backpackers in Townsville. @ 15 AUD a night this has been the cheapest place i’ve stayed in sofar. It wasn’t really clean and the kitchen was quite a mess but i met some good people there and would have stayed longer if i hadn’t already made plans. There were lots of people staying there long-term and i really envied them for there lifestyle, visas and so on. One strange thing remains: I booked my room through the net but upon arriving in townsville my booking had never turned up and i was lucky to get a room anyway (note to self, don’t book hostels through the internet, i cant even find the darn page anymore). On the day i arrived the checkin was only open from noon to 2:30, by chance i got there at about 2:20, checkin closed just after me and some folks that turned up later got quite pissed.

The first night i was there was good friday, that gave me quite a hard time (no bottle shops were open, you had to buy something to eat to get served a beer at restaurants). On easter saturday everything was back to normal and i treated myself to The Museum of Tropical Queensland, two IMAX Movies and the Reef HQ Aquarium. In the evening i stayed at the backpackers and drank some beer with the other guests.

Right now i’m in Cairns and staying @ International Backpackers Hostel. At 22 AUD a night it isn’t really cheap, but you do get a meal. I’ll post some more on the Cairns Nightlife when i’ve checked it out some more.


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    Nice blog!

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